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Amy Willerton — Queen of the jungle

Amy Willerton
Full name: Amy Willerton
DOB: August 18, 1992
Place of birth: Bristol, England
Occupation: Model and presenter

Amy Willerton facts

  • She's so off-the-chain pretty that in 2013 she became Miss Universe Great Britain.

  • Competed on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here in 2013 and finished in 5th place.

  • Got her big modelling break when she was discovered by none other than Katie Price.

Why we love Amy Willerton

Her appearance on I'm a Celeb... saw her do what nobody has ever done before, and doubtlessly will struggle to do again: knock Myleene Klass off the top spot of best shower moments on TV ever.

If that doesn't give you enough of a reason to love her than you need to go and wash your eyes out with warm soapy water, say three Hail Mary's and take another look. Mind. Blown.

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