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Annie Cooper — Hollyoaks' sexy Swede

Annie Cooper
"I used to be a great gymnast - I can still do the splits three ways. They're my party piece."
Full name: Annie Cooper
DOB: 1983
Place of birth: Helsingborg, Sweden
Occupation: Actress

Annie Cooper facts

  • Used to be an acrobat when she was younger, but she can still do the splits three ways. Yep, we're picturing it too...

  • Used to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School alongside Amy Winehouse and Blue irritant Lee Ryan.

  • She was best friends with Billie Piper at the same school, until the latter left to pursue her ill-fated pop career.

  • Despite being born in Sweden, she was raised in London

Why we love Annie Cooper

Is it just us, or does this bit seem pretty unnecessary on account of it being self-explanatory? Though writing about her means that we’re thinking about her, and thinking about her can only be a good thing.

So, where do we start with Annie Cooper? She is Swedish-born, and thus was actually brought into the world with a much higher statistical chance of being pretty damn hot. Obviously, those stats were proven right once again, and she’s flourished into one of the hottest girls on TV today. God bless Sweden. And now that said flourishing has finished, she’s made the natural progression for a TV beauty and signed up for a stint in Hollyoaks – a show which never fails to produce female gold (okay, not including that tubby ginger one a few years back).

So you’ve seen the pictures, but Annie’s delightful talents don’t stop there. In her younger years, she was also a “great gymnast” and can still do the splits three ways. Wowsers. Okay, so there's one downer in that she has been linked with Ashley Cole (we still haven't forgiven him for cheating on our Cheryl), but surely we can cut Annie a little slack over that? Just repeat the phrase "blonde Swedish gymnast" over and over again and you will let that little mistake slide. See? It works.

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