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Ashley Tisdale — High School Musician

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Ashley Tisdale
"I just loved playing the mean girl. When you're not like a character, it's kind of fun to play."
Full name: Ashley Michelle Tisdale
DOB: July 2, 1985
Place of birth: West Deal, New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Ashley Tisdale facts

  • She sang at the White House for President Clinton at the age of 12.

  • She attends pilates classes with pal Vanessa Hudgens. Just imagine.

  • She has an older sister, Jennifer, who is also an actress.

  • Tisdale’s favourite ride at Disney Land is the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Why we love Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale doesn’t have a sex tape. And you won’t find any topless photos of her floating around the web. There’s the odd beach snap and bikini appearance, but the High School Musical success story is pretty much the perfect role model.

Now a singer and television producer as well as an actress, Ashley Tisdale's earning capacity has sky-rocketed since her itsy-bitsy debut role in 2001’s Donnie Darko. She can pull off ‘blonde’ or ‘brunette’, knows a thing or two about dancing and has one of the cutest smiles on the planet. It could be love.

In a savvy casting move, some Hollywood TV exec cast Ashley Tisdale as a cheerleader in Hellcats, which has been described as ‘Election meets Bring it On’. All you need to know is that it’s about cheerleaders, and Tisdale is one of them, a cheerleader that is, a cheerleader…

Keen to hammer home that Ashley Tisdale's more than just a super-safe weapon of Disney, Tisdale posed nude for Allure magazine. In the accompanying interview she said, "I’m not just the young girl everyone thinks I am. I’m actually a woman." Once again, it’s one rule for preternaturally attractive celebrities, and another for everyone else.

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