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Avril Lavigne — Pocket rocker

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Avril Lavigne
"I'm just a girl, I love clothes, I love fashion and I won't wear skanky clothes that show my booty, my belly or my boobs. I'm not really too concerned what people think of me."
Full name: Avril Ramona Lavigne
DOB: September 27, 1984
Place of birth: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Singer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #74 | 2008 #37 | 2007 #29 | 2005 #98 | 2004 #62 | 2003 #90

Avril Lavigne facts

  • Sold 17 million copies of her debut pop/punk album Let Go.

  • Avril was married to Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, but their divorce was finalised in November 2010. Mini-celebs.

  • She was one of America's top celebrity earners under 25, raking in around $12m a year.

  • Scored big hits with Sk8er Boi and Girlfriend, one of YouTube's most-seen videos.

Why we love Avril Lavigne

Oddly, given Avril Lavigne's "anarchic" image, the pouting blonde axe-wielder fostered dreams of being a cop when growing up in rural Canada, but she also loved skateboarding and had tasted the dark side – fame – via singing gigs at her local church.

The record companies dangled a carrot, the perfect band was put together, and before her 18th birthday Avril Lavigne was an international singing sensation and making fans of "true metal" roar with rage. Avril is one of the few people said to have made good money out of YouTube after her management secured a deal worth around 2c per play of her hit single Girlfriend. Fast-forward one hundred million plays, and that's $2m in the bank.

Avril Lavigne is now on her fifth studio album, which is nothing to scoff at. She writes songs for her fans, and that’s just fine. Music snobs be damned. Besides, she probably can’t even hear the barbed comments of Bon Iver fans from her enormous mansion.

Avril Lavigne does a lot of charity, plays a lot of gigs, has her own fashion label and frankly, she seems like a good person. We’re especially impressed by her love of tattoos. Ex-boyfriends, current boyfriends, mates – hang out with Lavigne long enough, and she might just ink your name on her arm.

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