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Beth Humphreys — Mancunian Mega-Minx

Beth Humphreys
"Justin Bieber sounds like a pussy-boy! I hate guys like that…"
Full name:Beth Humphreys
DOB: 1994
Place of birth: Manchester, England
Occupation: Model

Beth Humphreys facts

  • Despite only turning 18 in 2012, Beth is already the biggest thing to hit modelling since the early days of Keeley Hazell.

  • She likes “guys who are educated, ambitious, and not too bothered about their appearance.” We’ve definitely got the third one of those down to a tee.

  • When she was a kid, her dream was to become either a dentist, or a policewoman on a horse. But not an on-foot policewoman.

Why we love Beth Humphreys

“One of my best friends in Manchester calls me ‘monkey-head’, because he thinks I look like a monkey,” says current-big-thing Beth Humphreys. We’d offer to drag this gobby reprobate down to the nearest opticians to get his eyes tested, but it seems like Manchester-born, East London-based Beth can more than take care of herself.

“People say I constantly act like I’m on too much sugar,” she beams, referencing her reputation as modelling’s loopiest livewire. In fact, she’ll drink you under the table right now. “Oh, I can handle my drink. I can drink quite a lot and not have it affect me. My family’s all from Ireland, and they drink loads. It’s the norm.” Challenge accepted

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