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Bryony Morganna — Pint Of The Unusual, Please

Bryony Morganna
"Nowhere's off limits. I've had sex in a graveyard."
Full name: Bryony Morganna
DOB: 1992
Place of birth:Woking, Surrey, England
Occupation: Model and music-venue barmaid

Bryony Morganna facts

  • Bryony is a barmaid who starred in FHM’s monthly Girlfriend shoot, in our September 2012 issue. The public – you lot – went kerazy for her.

  • Likes: thongs: Dislikes: soaps. (The TV shows, not the toiletries.)

  • She’s a big fan of freezing chocolate before scoffing it. Her top recommendation: Cadbury’s Caramel.

Why we love Bryony Morganna

It’s hard to believe, but despite those looks, that charisma and the fact that she’s more photogenic than 500 sunsets, Bryony Morganna is not a full-time professional model. In fact, she bagged herself a five-page shoot in FHM simply by emailing in some pictures of herself faffing around and looking incredibly hot whilst doing so. We were instantly smitten, felt compelled to share our smittery with you.

Although Bryony was a total natural in front of the camera, she was happy to return to her day job (well, night job) – working behind a bar in a well-known music venue. We’d better not mention which music venue you it is, just in case some weirdo reads it and then heads down there in order to spend the whole night staring at her in a freaky, dubious manner whilst summoning up the courage to order half a lager off her. Not you, obviously – you don’t seem like a weirdo – but this is the internet, after all. There are all manner of loopy loons out there.

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