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Caity Lotz — We want Lots O' Lotz, a lot

Caity Lotz
"I can pinch people with my toes."
Full name: Caity Marie Lotz
DOB: December 30, 1986
Place of birth: San Diego, California, USA
Occupation: Actress and dancer

Caity Lotz facts

  • Apparently, “wittiness” turns Caity on more than anything else.

  • Although she refused Jon Hamm's advances in Mad Men, she says she wouldn't have minded a quick snog. That's understandable, he is a dreamy hunkboat.

  • Caity doesn't like dancing with blokes when they go out together, and would rather that they "just watched" her. Kinda weird. Kinda hot.

Why we love Caity Lotz

If you’re a fan of critically acclaimed shows about sharp-suited, cold-hearted, booze-soaked mega-bastards who smoke like laboratory chimps, you’ll probably recall seeing Caity in Mad Men in the role of confused college kid Stephanie, who's forced to deal with her mother's terminal illness while fending off Don Draper's inappropriate advances in a plot far too elaborate to outline here. Stephanie was one of a very few female characters on the show to have resisted Dirty Don’s wandering hands, which must’ve been doubly galling for him as she was also one of the hottest.

Besides acting, Caity’s other great love is dancing, and she’s thrown high-octane moves everywhere from onstage with Lady Gaga to breakdancing movie Battle Of The Year: The Dream Team. Can Don Draper breakdance? No, he cannot. The greasy-haired sex-pest.

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