Everyone had that one weird teacher at school. Like Mr. Tony who used to act out Of Mice And Men with hand puppets. Or Mrs. Campton, who wore jewellery made out of pasta shells and cried that time you locked her in the disabled toilets. Overreaction much? Jeez.

Weird teacher aside, there was also always the teacher who was every teenage boy’s first real crush. The one so heart-stoppingly beautiful that you actually managed to score an A in History in an ill-fated attempt to impress her. Ah well, at least the story behind London’s first drainage system is now firmly imprinted in your memory. That could always come in handy.

Cameron Diaz plays such a teacher in her new film Bad Teacher. She's super hot, but rather unsuitable for the teaching profession. She drinks, hates on the kids and, as the rather clever tag line to the movie says, “just doesn’t give an F.”

Anyways she’s forced to reconsider her evil ways when she falls in love with new teacher Justin Timberlake and becomes convinced that a boob job is the way to capture his affections. In order to raise the money for it, Cam tries to win a bonus for excellent teaching and in the process learns some valuable life lessons about not calling her students names or hitting them in the face with footballs. Oh, she also puts on a very sexy car wash. Nice.

Cameron Diaz Car WashShe didn't manage to get the marks off the car, but she made sure her was left hand was squeaky clean

Bad Teacher in in cinemas nationwide from June 17