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Cameron Diaz — Hollywood royalty

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Cameron Diaz
"I’ve pretty much behaved like a knucklehead my entire life. It was probably more adorable when I was a child… as an adult I’m sure it’s less attractive."
Full name: Cameron Michelle Diaz
DOB: August 30, 1972
Place of birth: San Diego, California, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2008 #60 | 2007 #20 | 2006 #76 | 2005 #53 | 2004 #42 | 2003 #46 | 2002 #40 | 2001 #40 | 2000 #8 | 1999 #7 | 1998 #5 | 1997 #7 | 1996 #3 | 1995 #20

Cameron Diaz facts

  • Shot to fame in The Mask, but sexier in Charlie’s Angels alongside Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore.

  • The highest paid actress in Hollywood – Diaz has made a mint out of her recurring role as Princess Fiona in Shrek.

  • Diaz is currently seeing New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. He has a $275million contract. And her.

  • The There's Something About Mary star went to the same high school as Snoop Dogg. <

Why we love Cameron Diaz

In the Farrelly Brothers’ wondrous 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary, everyone falls for Cameron Diaz’s character, even if she does use Ben Stiller’s man-paste as hair gel. She’s just that special, a mesmerising blend of playful, ditzy, awkward and really, really sexy, the kind of girl who looks as good in jeans and T-shirt as she does in a little black dress.

The former fashion model pulled ’80s heart-throb Matt Dillon, shacked up with ice-cool Justin Timberlake, looked hot in What Happens in Vegas and even managed to make us go “Eww!” when she did “dowdy” in Being John Malkovic. No matter. We love her anyway, and the fact that she earns $50m a year and could buy us a house with her pocket change only adds to the appeal.

She'd already been doing pretty well out of modelling before she moved in to acting. Just on a recommendation she auditioned for and got the lead in The Mask which was her first ever role. She only started taking acting lessons after being offered the part. A lesson in how lying on your CV can work.

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