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Charlie Webster — Sports gone sexy

Charlie Webster
"“Sport has played such a massive part in my life. I decided that if I wasn’t going to compete for a living, I’d work in sport in another way.”"
Full name: Charlotte Webster
DOB: November 9, 1982
Place of birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Sports journalist

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #43

Charlie Webster facts

  • Away from sport, Charlie’s interviewed such stars as Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton. Eric probably enjoyed it more than Stevie. On account of the blindness.

  • She’s performed volunteer work in a young offenders’ institute. Rather you than us.

  • She’s worked for many acronym-based broadcasters, including ESPN, the BBC and MTV.

Why we love Charlie Webster

If you’ve ever doubted that Sky Sports mainstay Charlie Webster was the real deal – that she’d become one of the channel’s most famous faces purely on account of being as pretty as a picture of a pretty lady – then hang your head in shame, sir – Charlie is as hardcore as sport fans get. You want an example? Within 30 minutes of completing her fifth (fifth!) London marathon, Webster was reporting from the sidelines at the Emirates, still in her running gear and grinning-and-bearing-it through still-fresh blisters. Now that is devotion to sportery.

he’s also a devoted, died-in-the-wool Blades fan. “I first went to a Sheffield United match at Bramall Lane when I was four years old with my dad, and I loved it,” she says. “I try to attend as many matches as I can, but I work a lot of weekends. Plus I live in London.” See how frustrated she sounds? Proper fan...

She then became the face of Real Madrid TV and helped front numerous campaigns, including the successful but stupid, 'Impossible is Nothing' campaign from Adidas. Of course impossible isn't nothing, it's impossible!

Anyway Charlie has run seven marathons, presented with Tim Loveyjoy on Channel Bee and manages to look stunning whilst doing it all. What can't this woman do? Juggle flaming balls with a teapot on her head? Perhaps, but we're sure she would give it a bloody good go.

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