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Charlize Theron — Monster

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Charlize Theron
"I think of myself as a highly sexual creature. I like it. I didn't grow up with a mother telling me what was under my clothes was bad or evil."
Full name: Charlize Theron
DOB: August 7, 1975
Place of birth: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #77 | 2010 #56 | 2009 #53 | 2008 #28 | 2007 #32 | 2006 #26

Charlize Theron facts

  • Charlize is the second actress to win an Oscar after appearing naked in Playboy (Kim Basinger got there first).

  • Miss Theron was named after her dad, so is very thankful that he wasn’t called Terry or Dave.

  • She suffered a herniated disc while filming Æon Flux and had to wear a neck brace for a month.

  • Her first language is Afrikaans, and she learned English by watching TV.

Why we love Charlize Theron

Aside from inexplicably arrogant men, South Africa’s best renowned export is undoubtedly actress, film producer and downright fox Charlize Theron - even if Candice Swanepoel is starting to give her a run for her money. When a promising dancing career was ended by injury at the age of 19, her (pushy) mum thrust a one-way ticket to Los Angeles in her hand, and within two years she had scored a part alongside Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate.

She displayed acting chops fine enough to warrant an Oscar in Monster, but looked terrifyingly unsexy playing a mentally ill murderous prostitute. Fortunately, a naked turn in The Cider House Rules, a leather-clad appearance in Æon Flux and plenty of FHM appearances have allowed the world to see her considerable aesthetic talents.

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