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Charlotte Church — Great Set Of Lungs

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Charlotte Church
"I do look a bit of a heifer on telly and in pictures but that's because the camera puts pounds on you."
Full name: Charlotte Maria Church
DOB: February 21, 1986
Place of birth: Llandaff, Wales
Occupation:All-round singer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2010 #83

Charlotte Church facts

  • Charlotte rose to childhood fame as a classical singer, before entering the grizzly, grown-up world of pop music in 2005.

  • She had her own TV show – The Charlotte Church Show – that had three series and was better than you remember it.

  • Went out with Welsh international Gavin Henson, had two children with him, but ditched the big lunk in 2010.

Why we love Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church can do everything. Alright, perhaps she can’t kick a car so hard that it flies into the moon, but she can still do a lot of stuff. So far, she’s been a classical singer, a pop singer, an actress, a TV presenter with her own show, a mother, and a tireless campaigner for less skeeziness amongst tabloid press reporters. She was also named Rear Of The Year back in 2002, but she was only 16 then, so the whole thing was a bit weird and let’s just forget all about that, shall we?

Charlotte’s never afraid of getting amongst it and causing an entertaining shit-storm: for example, she called Pope Benedict XVI “a Nazi” on her talk show, and in 2011 described Her Maj the Queen as “an old woman who has no idea what's going on”. Two-fisted, buxom and better at singing than Beyoncé – what’s not to like?

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