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Charlotte Free — Pink Lady

Charlotte Free
"I'm friends with all the girls... I'm not usually friends with girls, but most models are real sweeties."
Full name: Charlotte Free
DOB: 1994 (we reckon)
Place of birth: USA
Occupation: Model

Charlotte Free facts

  • Charlotte Free is a catwalk model, famous for her trademark pink hair and punk style. She dyes it herself, which we like.

  • She's been in basically every fashion mag you care to mention, and she's opened shows for industry royalty Vivenne Westwood.

  • If she had to pick a colour to 'be', it'd be Rainbow. Which we think is cheating, really.

Why we love Charlotte Free

Most catwalk models basically look the same – just think of how many you could name off the top of your head. They're all very tall and very slim and very beautiful in an angular sort of way, which is great from an aesthetic perspective and everything but they don't have the sort of faces you'd like to buy a drink and have a lovely chat with in some country pub.

And then... there's Charlotte Free. She still has that angular face, of course - because if you try going on a catwalk with a normal face like standard people have, specially trained dogs leap out and savage you, it's true, we've seen it happen – but she's shorter than your average model, coming in at five foot seven which is about normal for a lady but it's so unusual in the fashion world that every blog and article we could find on her in our research mentioned it at some point. Plus, she has pink hair.

'So what?' you might well ask, and fair play to you. It doesn't sound like a lot. But Charlotte Free's unique punky hairstyle – which she does herself, at home, which is sort of cool – is being copied all over the industry since she hit it big in 2011. Having been discovered in a mall and then snapped up by some of the, well, weirder fashion designers, they were keen to showcase her personality and charm alongside the clothes she was modelling. Which is nice, really, when most models are relegated to the status of ambulatory coat hangers.

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