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Charlotte Jackson — Sports Siren

Charlotte Jackson
"I love lacrosse, because it’s really violent."
Full name: Charlotte Louise Jackson
DOB: 29 June 1979
Place of birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Occupation: Presenter, Model

Charlotte Jackson facts

  • Charlotte is a sports writer and presenter who's worked for Setanta, Sky, and Al Jazeera. She also used to do a bit of modelling.

  • Her heroes are grey-haired presenter chap Des Lynam and Liverpool striker Ian Rush.

  • She was the lead singer of a London-based funk band.

Why we love Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte Jackson is a woman who likes sport so much she decided to make a career out of it. Perhaps lacking the requisite ability to actually do the thing, she opted for writing about it, or 'journalism', as we like to call it. Although she started out on Setanta Sports, writing and presenting sports news, once the channel crashed and burned in 2009 (and who really thought it could have succeeded with a name like that? It doesn't matter if it's named after an Irish folk hero, it's still daft) she was snapped up by Sky from the wreckage.

Since then she's picked up a reputation as a cracking sports journo, even if she occasionally fluffs her lines – but that just adds to her appeal, we reckon. Most days we can't even get a sentence out in one go without a big cup of tea and a lie down.

She's also covered sporting pursuits for Al Jazeera and presented Take It Like A Fan, a quiz show about the football, and the second series of 71 Degrees North which isn't a quiz show and isn't about the football but instead features unprepared 'celebrities' battling to survive in the frozen wastes of Scandinavia.

In 2011, she became embroiled in the scandal involving bald sexism supporter and football commentator Andy Gray – in the mess that resulted after Mr Gray passed comment on a female linesman (Lineswoman? Linesperson?), footage surfaced of him suggesting that Charlotte should put a microphone pack down his trousers as that would have resulted in some kind of sexual thrill. Gray's apparent fetish for recording equipment went unnoticed, but his career pretty much ended then and there. Charlotte says she didn't hear the initial comment and doesn't say much more about it, which is probably a pretty smart stance to take.

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