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Chemmy Alcott — Winter Wunderkind

Chemmy Alcott
"I've had a lot of accidents... it's part of pushing the limits, it's a dangerous sport which is half the reason you love it."
Full name: Chimene "Chemmy" Mary Alcott
DOB: July 10, 1982
Place of birth: Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Occupation: Athlete, TV Presenter

Chemmy Alcott facts

  • Chemmy (real name Chimene) was named after Sophia Lauren's character in old-timey movie El Cid. If she doesn't also have a brother called Cid, we'll be very disappointed.

  • She broke her neck at the age of 12 (whilst skiing, obvo) and is now fine but has two of her vertebrae fused together like recalcitrant oven chips. She still carries the X-rays with her, in case she's in an accident and someone tries to prise them apart.

  • Her first proper skiing race was at the age of three. This is ridiculous and we think she might just have been very good at falling down mountains faster than other people.

  • She's been immortalised in a song by (the now disbanded) UK indie group Three Litre. They played an encore of it as their last ever song, and if you wanted to watch poor-quality video of them doing exactly that, then here it is.

Why we love Chemmy Alcott

If you're into skiing, you'll probably know who Chemmy Alcott is. We're not, so we didn't, but then ITV but her on pseudo-celebrity slipfest Dancing on Ice, at which point we felt it valid to find out who she is, what she does, what she eats for breakfast etc.

What she eats for breakfast still eludes us - probably Alpen or something healthy like that - but what she does is skiing. Chemmy Alcott is really, really good at skiing because she's been doing it basically since she could stand up (but probably not old enough to say 'Mum, please take these skis off me, I'm scared of this enormous mountain'). It's all paid off – she's won the Overall Senior British National Skiing Champion title five times, and has more gold medals in more events than you've had hot dinners*.

Chemmy's been all over the telly, too – thanks to the facts that a) she's pretty smart b) she's pretty nice and c) she's pretty, well, pretty – as she's presented stuff like Fit To Ski as part of Channel 4's World Cup Skiing, in which she demonstrated various useful exercises to get yourself fit enough to ski (appropriately) and done some commentary on Eurosport whilst waiting for one of her many, many injuries to heal. In that case it was a broken leg, but she's also suffered from a broken neck and the very painful (but kind of Wolverine-sounding) bone spurs on her feet.

Anything else you need to know? Chemmy has climed Kilimanjaro, is going out with the British Male number one skier Dougie Crawford (which must make choosing holidays easy we guess), got four As at A-Level and is generally to sort of person we all hope to be when we grow up. Good work, Chemmy.

* This is only true if you've eaten 42 hot dinners in your life but that's still a LOT of Gold medals

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