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Chloe Sims — Es-sex Symbol

Chloe Sims
"It's been, like, a complete whirlwind, like, my life has absolutely gone upside down. But I'm loving it, I'm absolutely loving it."
Full name: Chloe Sims
DOB: 1983 (we think)
Place of birth: United Kingdom
Occupation: Playboy model, Reality TV star

Chloe Sims facts

  • Chloe is an ex-Playboy model and is currently appearing on The Only Way is Essex

  • She claims to support West Ham, but in an interview she a) didn't know that they'd been recently relegated and b) didn't know whether that was a “good or bad” thing. Hmmm.

  • The TOWIE wiki says she rates “male attention” but hates “people who stare at her”. So, write her multiple letters, maybe?

Why we love Chloe Sims

Love it or hate it, The Only Way is Essex remains undoubtedly popular. Part soap opera, part reality show, part two minute hate and part modern equivalent of Victorian middle classes touring Bedlam to look at the nutters, this heady cocktail of brash, cosmetically altered Essex folk flitting between relationships as easily as they flit between the tanning salon and the bar has won an actual Bafta and continues to go from strength to strength.

Chloe Sims first appeared in series two, and with the advent of the fourth she's moving from supporting character to full-blown personality, appearing in the title sequence and everything after her promotion in the 2011 Christmas special. On the show, she's earned the romantic attention of father and son combo Mark and Kirk Norcross, but didn't get together with either of them. Fair enough, really.

Chloe Sims used to work for Playboy as a model – wouldn't really expect her to take pictures or write the articles, though – and there was only a two-week break between the end of her modelling stint for Heff and Co and appearing regularly on British TV.

Chloe Sims's interests include “modeling” and “being a good mother”, which is apt as she has a young daughter at home. She dislikes “driving”, which makes sense – it can get pretty dull – and “unreliable men”. It's rare to find the woman that does like an unreliable man, to be honest. But we're still looking. One day we'll find her.

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