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Christina Aguilera — Milk ’n’ honey

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Christina Aguilera
"I’m experimental by nature. I’m always exploring my creativity."
Full name: Christina Maria Aguilera
DOB: December 18, 1980
Place of birth: Staten Island, New York, USA
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #86 | 2009 #65 | 2008 #20 | 2007 #14 | 2004 #11 | 2003 #11 | 2001 #45 | 2000 #19

Christina Aguilera facts

  • Despite her often feisty reputation, Aguilera stands at a pocket-sized 5ft 2in, which is a useful fact for anyone considering an impromptu kidnapping.

  • She’s one of the most successful artists of the decade, shifting more than 37 million records worldwide.

  • Aguilera was reportedly paid $1.5 million for her baby pictures, joining an elite club for whom having a child is a profit-making exercise.

Why we love Christina Aguilera

Remember when the ‘Christina vs. Britney’ debate all kicked off? It was a case of two cookie-cutter virgins, both turned ‘naughty’, and us blokes just stuck in the middle, gleefully lapping up their raunchy bids for our attention. It was immense.

But who would have thought that Aguilera would emerge as the definitive winner? A stack of Grammy Awards, products and endorsement packages to make Premier League footballer weep and dealing with becoming a mother without getting arrested for being mental (like Britney) all speak volumes for the hip-slinging latina.

And what’s more, she’s now considered a philanthropist. Which has absolutely nothing to do with what happened to her breasts while she was pregnant. Or the fact that she walks around nude at home on Sundays. Yep, Christina definitely wins.

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