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Christina Perri — Jar Of Luvverly

Christina Perri
"I am from Philly, I will punch you."
Full name:Christina Judith Perri
D.O.B: August 19, 1986
Place of birth: Philadelphia, USA
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Christina Perri facts

  • She has a lot of tattoos, including a Moulin Rouge lady woman on her shoulder, Italian writing across her chest, and red barbed wire coiling up her arm. Gnarly

  • She wed an “older” guy at Disneyland when she was 21. Then got divorced. Quickly.

  • She makes a “sick” (which is cool-lady speak for “good”) cappuccino.

Why we love Christina Perri

There’s nothing more heart-warming than a literal overnight success story, so be ready to have a very hot heart indeed, because a mere 24 hours before everyone on the planet (i.e. the internet) started raving about Christina Perri’s Jar Of Hearts (and buying it by the digital bucketload offa iTunes) she was working as a waitress in a Beverly Hills café. The then-unknown Perri’s song was used on Dancing With The Stars (the US and Brucie-less version of Strictly Come Dancing), and her life immediately flipped upside-down.

”I couldn’t go back to waitressing, I was way too busy – but I still made sure to cover all my shifts,” she recalls. “I couldn’t be like, ‘Ahh, I quit!’” (Really? Because we’d have been totally like, “Ahh, I quit!”)

Jar Of Hearts was then covered on the all-conquering Glee, raising Christina’s profile even further. Not that she feels like she’s cut out for the role of squeaky-clean pop icon. “I’m from Philly,” she shrugs. “The girls in Philadelphia are tougher than the guys, and I had a habit of kissing their boyfriends, so I got hit a lot.” Zoinks!

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