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Christine Bleakley — 500 Smiles Per Hour

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Christine Bleakley
""From a very young age, all my make-believe games revolved around pretend television programmes.""
Full name: Christine Louise Bleakley
DOB: February 2, 1979
Place of birth: Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland
Occupation: Television presenter

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #58 | 2011 #93 | 2010 #85 | 2009 #91

Christine Bleakley facts

  • Christine rose to fame co-presenting The One Show with potato-faced funster Adrian Chiles.

  • Such was their onscreen chemistry, rumours circulated that Bleakley and Chiles were secretly kissin’ and a-cuddlin’. Turned out she was actually shacked up with Frank Lampard, though. Poor Adrian.

  • Christine has competed in Strictly Come Dancing, Shooting Stars and Would I Lie To You?.

Why we love Christine Bleakley

One of the most instantly likeable and lowdown fanciable female TV presenters to have emerged in recent years, Christine Bleakley is a cheeky wink in human form. She’s actually had us sit through entire shows that we’d never, ever normally consider watching, purely so we could bask in her olive-skinned Oirish beauty. Bleakley-era The One Show was by no means terrible, if you were forced to sit through it at your nan’s house, for example – but the likes of Daybreak and That Dog Can Dance! would have had approximately minus three viewers apiece were it not for Bleakley’s radiant charms.

In fact, ITV could probably have her present a show called That Dog Can’t Half Throw Up! and we’d still watch it. Although, please don’t do that ITV – we really don’t want to watch that show. No sir.

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