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Courtnie Quinlan — Cutie Q

Courtnie Quinlan
Full name: Courtnie Quinlan
DOB: 1991
Place of birth: Plymouth, England
Occupation: Model

Courtnie Quinlan facts

  • She still holds her school records for the long jump and 200m sprint.

  • She can balance a pint of beer on her bum.

  • She is half Caribbean. Her family come from St Lucia.

Why we love Courtnie Quinlan

FHM Girlfriend Courtnie is as sexy as she is funny. When we interviewed her for the March 2014 issue, she had us sniggering away about dog-spooning, third nipples and dressing up as a cow (NB: She does NOT have a nubbin). And Lord knows, we love a girl with a sense of humour (third nipples also welcome).

The Cornish beat enjoys nothing more than chilling out or cheering on her local rugby team with a pint in one hand and a pasty in the other. Our kind of girl!

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