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Crystal Reed — Growing quickly

Crystal Reed
"My first camera job was in Chicago. It was for a commercial for Pure Romance...It's like, a sex toy party."
Full name: Crystal Reed
Place of birth: Roseville, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Actress

Crystal Reed facts

  • Crystal's biggest film to date is sci-fi thriller Skyline, but unfortunately that'll probably be overtaken by Crazy, Stupid, Love.

  • She's also appeared in a Teen Wolf remake and had a brilliant credit as 'hot brunette' in The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

  • She's 5'8". What, didn't you want to know that?

  • Her first on camera job was in an advert for Pure Romance, basically an American version of an Ann Summers party.

Why we love Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed is going to be one of those girls you see in a film and then look for her name in the credits, before repeating it to yourself over and over again in your head until you get home to Google it. In fact, you might already have done that after her appearance in the 2010 alien invasion film Skyline, but we mean when she makes it really big.

Yeah, you’ll run home desperately hoping that she used to star in some American porn series as a way of getting her first break in to the business. Well, we have some bad news for you; she didn’t. We’ve checked. Thoroughly. We know, even with a name like Crystal giving you all that false hope, it’s just not out there. What we have managed to find out for you is that she’s literally just burst on to the scene (if you call some supporting roles so far ‘bursting’), having had her first releases in 2010 after moving to L.A and immidiately finding work. Still, Skyline was a big release, and she obviously made a good impression on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation because she then went on to appear in CSI: NY.

In 2011 she will also be appearing alongside the likes of Emma Stone and Steve Carell in the romcom Crazy, Stupid, Love, so she’s not just a one trick pony, and might help you keep a hold on the will to live if your other half drags you along to see it. We’re not promising anything though.

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