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Daisy Pettinger — Ad Woman

Daisy Pettinger
"You’ll probably find it easier to recognise me with my clothes off."
Full name: Daisy Pettinger
DOB: 1986
Place of birth: Woking, Surrey, England
Occupation: Model

Daisy Pettinger facts

  • Daisy is a model who debuted in FHM in a Halloween-themed shoot, in which she looked a bit scared, but was not, because she was merely acting.

  • Since then, she’s taken the modelling world by storm, having appeared in adverts for Special K, Ann Summers and Coke Zero.

  • She’s obsessed with Formula One. Nnneeeeeyooowww.

Why we love Daisy Pettinger

When we first met crimson-haired goddess Daisy Pettinger, she was a relatively unknown and inexperienced model, and probably wondering what the hell she’d got herself into, as FHM had taken her and three other models out to an isolated cottage in Kent for a Halloween-themed photo-shoot involving ouija boards and creepy figures lurking in the shadows. A cabin full of screaming models, deep in the woods? Daisy could’ve been forgiven for thinking that she’d somehow managed to become entangled in an actual, real-life horror movie.

Fortunately for everyone, Daisy wasn’t in a horror movie – merely taking her first (slightly weird) steps on a career path that’s since seen her starring in ads for such A-list brands as Kellogg’s, Ann Summers and Coke. But despite becoming Kind Of A Big Deal since that first FHM shoot, Daisy still found time to return to our pages for the February 2013 issue – although, this time, there were no cobwebs or glowing eyes at the window involved.

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