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Danica Patrick — Racy

Danica Patrick
"I think there’s something in my blood, in my instincts, that wants to overtake."
Full name: Danica Sue Patrick
DOB: March 25, 1982
Place of birth: Beloit, Wisconsin, USA
Occupation: Racing driver

Danica Patrick facts

  • She began her career in racing go-karting when she was 10. No, your Mario Kart skills don’t count.

  • She’s easily one of the most media-loved competitors on the IndyCar circuit. This is because she is hot and doesn’t have a dodgy moustache.

  • She’s also the first woman to come first in a race in IndyCar history, after 50 times trying over three years.

  • She posed with a car for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Why we love Danica Patrick

Cars. Everyone likes cars. And women – women are awesome. Combine the two and your brain is liable to rupture violently. A hot girl who likes… cars? Like those women who always pop up in the background of Top Gear – they exist? Yes. Yes they do.

Well, one does, at any rate, and her name is Danica Patrick, and she drives cars fast for money. She also removes select articles of clothing for similar reasons. And to make the world a better place, obviously.

We can also happily announce that the reason for her success is down to her expert and rigorous training in Blighty. Honing her skills on English youth circuits in her teens, she’s gone on to fame and fortune because of Britain. That’s right, not talent and hard work – us. We’re great.

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