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Danica Thrall — 100% Enthralling

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Danica Thrall
""I'm not used to going out with guys that women like. I can be quite jealous.""
Full name: Sonia Danica-Thrall
DOB: March 30, 1988
Place of birth: Heanor, Derbyshire, England
Occupation: Model, reality-TV personality

Danica Thrall facts

  • Danica has a twin sister called Sophie. Sadly, Sophie has no wish to get into modelling.

  • The name Danica is Greek for “morning sun”.

  • Danica doesn’t like white socks. So you’d better go home and get changed.

Why we love Danica Thrall

If you didn’t already know Danica from her hypnotically sexy shoots in FHM – and if you missed those, you missed out – it’s likely that you were first introduced to her in the instantly-notorious 2012 shockumentray, Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys, in which she appeared as one of a number of super-hot girls who were convincing guys to buy them gifts in return for absolutely nothing – they didn’t even get to meet them. So simple, it’s genius.

Many viewers, however, were a little perturbed by Thrall’s lucrative scheme – but she got the chance to redeem herself with her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, lasting through an impressive five rounds of evictions. She beat Daily Mail columnist Samantha ‘I’m too beautiful’ Brick, anyway, which was pretty satisfying to watch.

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