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Danielle Bux-Lineker — Lingerie model

Danielle Bux-Lineker
"With new people I tend to be a bit, I don’t know, suspicious."
Full name: Danielle Marie Lineker
DOB: June 15, 1979
Place of birth: Cardiff, Wales
Occupation: Lingerie model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2010 #87

Danielle Bux-Lineker facts

  • Married to England legend Gary Lineker.

  • Came third on ITV's reality cook program Hell's Kitchen in 2009.

  • She trained as an air stewardess and worked for Virgin Atlantic, saying "It's an amazing job one week shopping in New York and the next lying on a beach in Antigua".

  • Moves in to stahe acting with Calendar Girls in 2011. They get naked in that, right?

Why we love Danielle Bux-Lineker

Danielle Bux or Danielle Lineker - call her whatever you want. As long as it's one of those two. Because otherwise she won't answer. The curvaceous lingerie model married the jug-eared Gary Lineker whilst he had his ear's obscured by large novelty earmuffs. Not really.

Danielle won Miss Hawaiian Tropic when she was merely 18-years-old (or maybe 17 as she said in a recent interview, who knows) and has modelled for La Senza, Victoria Secret and Virgin Atlantic. Well, she was actually an air hostess at Virgin, so technically it was just her uniform, but she did their in-house stuff too. Appearing in Hell's Kitchen and contributing to one of the latest Walkers adverts, has helped establish her as one of Britain's favourite flavours.

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