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Danielle Lineker — Gary's Girl

Danielle Lineker
"I'd love to do some more theatre, some Shakespeare, like Portia in Julius Caesar."
Full name: Charlotte Maria Bux
DOB: 15 June, 1983
Place of birth: United Kingdom
Occupation: Actress, Model

Danielle Lineker facts

  • Danielle Lineker is a Welsh model and actress.

  • She appeared on Hell's Kitchen back in 2009.

  • She's a big supporter of Born Free, Nicholl's Foundation, Spinal Research, and the Welsh NSPCA. Although we presume she wants to protect all animals from cruelty, not just Welsh ones.

Why we love Danielle Lineker

Have you seen Gary Lineker? Of course you have – you've either watched football or purchased a packet of Walkers at some point in your life, unless you're a robot or something like that – and you can probably describe how attractive he is. He's not bad-looking, but he's got ears that slow him down in a heavy wind and an unstinting obsession to acquire crisps at any cost, no matter the danger to himself or others.

And yet – and yet, he's married to this lady. This incredibly beautiful lady, hailing from the valleys of Wales like a younger Catherine Zeta Jones – in fact, she looks a lot like ol' CZJ, crossed with Cheryl Cole. Which is kind of a magic combination if you think about it.

Danielle Lineker (née Bux) started modelling at the age of 18, after winning a place in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest in Las Vegas USA – not very Welsh at all, really, when you think about it but let's carry on – and has done things (where “things” generally involve looking fantastic without very many clothes on) for various companies, including La Senza, and appeared on the front cover of Maxim, back when it was a magazine and not just a website.

Danielle made her stage debut in January 2011 in nudie-shooting comedy Calendar Girls alongside Jennifer Ellison and Lynda Bellingham. You know, the mum off the old Bisto adverts. You had a crush on her. We all had a crush on her, it's okay. We wish Danielle the best of luck in all her future acting endeavours – she's trained as a professional actor, studying Shakespeare and all that, for two years. Which is quite impressive, we think.

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