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Daria Zalovic — Total football

Daria Zalovic
"My parents would never turn down a fine pair of camels."
Full name: Daria Zalovic
Place of birth: Croatia
Occupation: Model

Daria Zalovic facts

  • She says the sexiest thing she’s ever done is having her pictures taken for FHM.

  • She was once Miss Hawaiian Tropic, just like Lineker's missus.

  • She’s dead against expensive beer. We're dead with her.

Why we love Daria Zalovic


You always look great in photographs. Are you satisfied with the way you look?
Yes, very much. If I didn’t have this much confidence, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I do, nor could I enter this beauty contest. But like every girl I have things I would like to change. I don’t consider myself to be some exotic beauty, but people say I have a certain charisma, i.e. that “something”.

What is the sexiest part of your body?
They say long legs made for dancing. What do you think? Personally, I like my eyes and my smile.

We vote for legs. Where can we take you out to have a great time even when you realize how boring we actually are?
Somewhere real fun, I don’t like boring guys. But I love to travel so the Ministry of Sound in London has just crossed my mind, although Pacha Ibiza seems like a cool place as well and I would love to see it. So, are we going?

We’ve already packed our bags. What’s the best thing about Croatian men?
They loyalty towards football and women, they are friendly, sleek and are definitely that type.

Do men get scared when they realize you are both smart and beautiful?
Stupid guys get scared. There are few men who can handle a woman who is both bright and beautiful and that is the reason why so many smart and beautiful women are still single... I think those few guys don’t get scared are charmed by my intelligence which gives them inspiration for creative and highly painful process of seduction. Then it turns into a real game of chess.

What was the most stupid text message you have ever received?
My mobile is full of such messages, so it really wouldn’t be fair of me to choose a winner in such a tight competition. I could bruise a few male egos. I’m not saying I’m not into romance but I don’t like pathetic whining.

We heard you were a great cook. Did you cook up a mess?
Me?!? I’m a good girl, I wouldn’t do that.

How was the Las Vegas competition? Did you spend a lot of money there on slot machines?
Oh, you know how it is. I had one chip tied to a string so I cheated all the time.

How much would we have to pay you for a little grab-ass?
Well...don’t you get that for free since I’m a cover girl?!? What a rip-off! Come on, let me see some cash!

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