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Dasha Zhukova — Roman’s Empire

Dasha Zhukova
"What do I say when people ask about my relationship? Nothing, except 'no comment'."
Full name: Darya Alexandrovna Zhukova
DOB: June 8, 1981
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Roman Abramovich's other half, basically

Dasha Zhukova facts

  • Most famous as Roman Abramovich’s bit of fluff. Was previously comical Russian tennis player Marat Safin’s bit of fluff.

  • Has the same hair stylist as Amy Winehouse, Alex Foden.

  • She was the editor of Pop magazine, but resigned in November 2010. It's a tough business.

  • Her mum is a molecular biologist and her dad is an oligarch who spent time in a Turin jail for arms dealing. He was released with no charge. But still: cool.

Why we love Dasha Zhukova

Whether or not Dasha Zhukova was the reason Roman Abramovich broke up with his wife, we don’t know. Whether Chelsea’s fantastically rich owner is regretting the decision, we doubt. No offence to his ex-wife, who is probably lovely, but Dasha is a Goddess who’s making loads of her own money in Russia collecting art and curating art shows. She’s a young, intelligent, attractive Russian role model, and we are terrified of her.

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