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Deborah Meaden — Sex dragon

Deborah Meaden
"I learnt that if you want the good things in life, you have to go and get them."
Full name: Deborah Meaden
DOB: February 11, 1959
Place of birth: Taunton, Somerset, England
Occupation: Businesswoman, Dragon

Deborah Meaden facts

  • Deborah Meaden is worth over £40 million.

  • She started her first business when she was 19, selling ceramics from Italy. It crashed and burned so she copped out and joined her parents’ firm.

  • Her family’s business, Weststar Properties, sold for an eye-watering £83 million. Life just isn’t fair.

  • She likes Somerset, living there and promoting the county to businesses. You might as well buy it Deborah.

Why we love Deborah Meaden

The first thing that strikes you about Mrs Meaden isn’t necessarily her business nous. Nor her domestos-dunked highlights, or her grumpier-than-thou attitude. Admit it, it’s the breasts. The welcoming yet intimidating love cushions that scare you just a little bit. Seeing her storming purposefully down that East End back alley, swaggering and swaying, you find yourself questioning the very meaning of existence. Can they… what are… but they… is she… attractive?

The jury’s out on that one, but while it is, try deciding for yourself. Would you? You just might. Twenty years ago and you’d jump at the chance – especially considering she’s loaded. It wouldn’t be love, but it would be comfortable. “Deborah, I’m bored. Make me a robot chimp. Out of gold. Thanks dear.”

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