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Denise Milani — Czech this out

Denise Milani
"First and most importantly, I love making videos"
Full name: Denise Milani
DOB: April 24, 1980
Place of birth: Frydek-Mistek, Czechoslovakia
Occupation: Glamour model

Denise Milani facts

  • Denise’s modelling career began in 2005 with

  • is the single most popular website for an individual model.

  • She measures up at an incredible 34-19-34.

  • She was born in Czechoslovakia, but thought she'd prefer Los Angeles instead.

Why we love Denise Milani

Denise Milani topless? It would probably ruin the fun. Milani once worked as a physiotherapist, but her switch to full-time glamour model, while a tragedy for the blessed few fortunate enough to count themselves among her patients, has been very much for the greater good. The Czech-born beauty has natural 34DDD breasts. Yeah. They’re a wonder. But the fact that she supports them with a delicate 5’4” frame and doesn’t fall over all the time is a physiological miracle. Hoo-ray for physiological miracles.

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