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Denise Schaefer — Sexy Schaefer

Denise Schaefer
Full name: Denise Schaefer
DOB: 1994
Place of birth: Lima, Peru
Occupation: Model

Denise Schaefer facts

  • Denise loves video games so much that she once managed to bag 15 million points on Temple Run, in a mammoth, 45 minute session. This is both a massive waste of time and mind-blowing all at once.

Why we love Denise Schaefer

She's a 360-degree internet superstar with a Tumblr account that's better, cooler, shinier, and most of all sexier than yours and an Instagram account with enough followers to fill several (lower league) football stadiums.

We're not entirely sure what any of this really means but it did bowl FHM over enough to develop an unhealthy obsession with our smart phones beg her to do a shoot for us. Which she did. Huzzah!

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