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Desiree Siahaan — A streetcar named....

Desiree Siahaan
"I wear g-strings quite often, but when I’m at home, boylegs and singlets – they’re super comfy!"
Full name: Desiree Ann Siahaan
DOB: 1980
Place of birth: Singapore
Occupation: Actress, Model

Desiree Siahaan facts

  • Siahaan thinks that uniforms worn smartly and with confidence are extremely attractive.

  • Has starred in Villa Wellness on Heartlanders on Singapore’s Channel 5.

  • Her latest film was called Marco Polo, about a guy called Marco Polo. Subtle.

  • She first appeared on TV aged three singing “Arnott’s Chicken Crispy!”.

Why we love Desiree Siahaan


In 15 words, tell us all we need to know about you.
A sentimental soul who values loyalty and good company, with a passion for travel, music and adventure.

You’ve performed your own stunts since a 1997 Samsung TV commercial. When did you learn to love danger?
At that shoot, when they told me that I had no stunt double! They strapped me up and hung me from a pole from the third storey of a building… I guess I didn’t have much of a choice!

Are you as adventurous in other activities?
Well, that all depends on what the stunt’s all about...

Your began your career as a model, now you're acting. Which of the two do you prefer?
For me, acting was a natural transition. I was very passionate about theatre in school, and with my experience in front of the camera during my modelling years, acting allowed me to combine the best of both. I like both for different reasons. Modelling gives me the chance to travel and the money is always good. Acting requires creativity, skill and lets me explore a range of emotions, which I find challenging and extremely rewarding. But acting is my first love, though.

Tell us about your 'other' first love.
Ha ha! I was eight and he was nine and it was the first time anyone expressed interest in me. He wrote my name all over his shoes! How sweet is that? But I was teased a lot because of it, so I was really angry, too. I didn’t tell anyone that I liked him.

In Rouge you play a rock star by day, secret agent by night. Can you identify with that double-life?
In a way. Like most people in the public eye, my public persona only reveals part of my personality. Whereas in my personal life, people close to me get to see the different layers of who I am.

In Heartlanders you play a physiotherapist. If we're aching, what remedy would you offer?
I would take you by the hand, and assure you that everything will get better…. and gently lead you to the best Chinese sinseh in town.

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