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Dewi Sandra — Bride revisited

Dewi Sandra
"I think by wearing jeans and a shirt, a woman can still look hot."
Full name: Dewi Sandra Killick
DOB: April 3, 1980
Place of birth: Brazil
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Dewi Sandra facts

  • She is not Sandra Dewi.

  • Dewi was raised a Christian, but converted to Islam in 2000 in order to marry her first husband, Surya Saputra. She has since divorced him, and married a Christian (Glenn Fredly), but reassured fans that she hasn’t switched religions again. Phew.

  • Her Dad is British, her Mum Batavian. Batavian? Sure.

Why we love Dewi Sandra


What’s up with you, Dewi? We miss you...
Yes, I miss you guys too. I’m much better now compared to sometime ago. After I got married again, I learned so much about life in general. Entering a new relationship is clearly a learning process. Same with him too, I suppose. He has to adjust to me too. For us, everyday has life’s little surprises. Even they are not all good, but I still thankful.

Congratulation for the new albun, Star. How much does your husband Glenn involves in this album?
The concept and the recording of the album Star were already 80% finished before I married Glenn. But after I got married, directly and indirectly, he gave me some inputs to it. He even gave two songs to the album. We also set up our own record label for this album and since he is in the company, he automatically has something to say to direct the album.

Are you currently a fond of stars in the sky so you named the album Star?
Ha ha. Eversince I was little, I always like looking at the stars and listen to fairy tales. It’s my fantasy. I always thought if we wish something to the star, it can happen. So I kinda took that and put it in my album. At the time, my life was a bit mess. I left my old label, my personal life was a mess, etc. So the title Star was hopefully can brought me back up. In short, this album tells you that you can shine again like a star if you work hard enough at it.

Great. By the way, the song I Love You was written for whom?
The process of song writing was flowing just as it was. That song basically is me spilling my gut to Dewiq (the song writer) about my life. The unique thing is, I was hoping that song would be a slow ballad. But maybe since I was too firey in spilling my gut to her, it turned out to be a pretty rocking love song.

Ok, but you haven’t answered for whom.
For sure for Glenn. At the time, my feeling about our relationship was complicated. He was the guy I was looking for and I loved him very much. I was overexpressing myself. Ha ha.

How expressive are you?
I’m a very expressive girl. Whatever I feel, I will show it. Angry, happy or sad, you will know it. The I Love You song is very much myself. An Aries girl with explosive personality. Ha ha!

Speaking about that song, you said we can not know what to do or how to do it if we are in love. Is that so?
Ha ha, maybe not to that extend. But it depends on the guy also. If he plays it cool, then I would be curious and wouldn’t know what to do. I was in a situation unlike before when I fell in love with someone that loved me very much and I knew about it too and I was holding the key to the situation. But with my husband now, we both kind of didn’t know what to do. I was like, “What am I going to do with his guy? At the time.

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