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Diana Vickers — Hippie hottie

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Diana Vickers
"(On northerners) We have our own vibe"
Full name: Diana Vickers
DOB: July 30, 1991
Place of birth: Blackburn, Lancashire, England
Occupation: Singer

Diana Vickers facts

  • It was her trademark to perform barefoot whilst on tour with the X-Factor.

  • Her hand gestures on stage have been given the nickname 'The Claw'.

  • She always looks good, even women think so - she was nominated for "Best Dressed Woman of the Year" in 2010.

  • She studied for A Levels in theatre studies, the classics and psychology

Why we love Diana Vickers

Diana is a proper northern girl, hailing from Blackburn in Lancashire. In 2008 she was churned out of the X-Factor machine and has actually had success since. She has now knocked up a debut album called Songs From The Cherry Tree and is also set to play a host of festivals.

Elsewhere Diana starred as the woman with the little voice in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and then won The London Newcomer of the Year award. She is a cute young lady and her previous comparisons with a hippy aren't that surprising. She looks like the girl next door, after she's been dragged backwards through a bush. But in a good way.

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