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Dita Von Teese — Burlesque beauty

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Dita Von Teese
"I'm in to bondage. I think it's really fun, and I love playing the part of the damsel in distress."
Full name: Heather Renee Sweet
DOB: September 28, 1972
Place of birth: Rochester, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Burlesque model, actress

Dita Von Teese facts

  • Dita is best known for her burlesque routines, and has been called "The Queen of Burlesque".

  • She was married to Marilyn Manson for two years from 2004-2006.

  • She has admitted to plenty of lesbian experiences, and says she had a long-term relationship with a woman when she was 20.

  • She's appeared in videos for Green Day, Agent Provocateur, Marilyn Manson and on stage with George Michael.

Why we love Dita Von Teese

She’s a bit of a strange one is Dita Von Teese. Even from a young age she went a bit against the grain; she used to dress up as 1940’s actresses and had a bit of an obsession with the classic retro style. The story goes that it was this obsession – plus a cheeky look at her dad’s Playboy magazines – which caused her to dream of wearing lace and stockings, to the point that when her mum bought her a really boring bra she went to work in a lingerie shop.

If her early years were a bit weird, her late teens weren’t – Dita went to work in a local strip club when she was eighteen, wearing vintage outfits and eventually moving in to glamour and then fetish modelling. Through her years as a model she has got a thinner waist due to wearing so many corsets, so thin that she can now be laced down to 42 cm. That’s tiny. Remember those flexible rulers you used to get in school? It’s not even one and half of them around. It’s like the size of a cereal bowl.

Anyway, it’s her extravagant burlesque dances that really made her a name, including a signature dance in a huge martini glass (the one that Cameron Diaz recreates in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle). That’s not her only nod to films though, she’s had appearances of her own in movies such as The Death of Salvador Dali, and Saint Francis (us neither). Oh, and a couple of porno’s earlier in her career too. We’d have told you earlier but you’d never have got this far down the profile. In fact, that last sentence was probably redundant, as is this one.

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