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Eileen Tan — Sunburn

Eileen Tan
"Just have fun. Everything else is secondary."
Full name: Eileen Tan
Occupation: The Girl Next Door
Appeared in: FHM USA

Eileen Tan facts

  • Won FHM USA’s Girl Next Door competition in 2005.

  • She loves a bit of peace of mind. It makes her feel good.

  • Her favourite part of her body is… Every part.

  • She appeared in a 2010 short called Kill the Host, alongside no-one you would know and costing 200 Canadian Dollars. Not million, just 200. We think it's her, IMDB says so.

Why we love Eileen Tan


Tell us please! What did it feel like when they read your name?
I was utterly shocked at the fact that I’ve won! Wow! But I was so exhilarated. It's amazing.

What have you got that made you beat the rest?
Honestly speaking, I don’t see how I did it. The other girls were hot as well! I guess it’s something the voters saw in me.

Was it a fun experience taking part in the competition?
You bet!

What advice would you give to other girls wanting to take part next year?
Just have fun. Everything else is secondary.

We're dying to know: what will you spend the money on?
Oh, you don’t know how much stuff I wanna get! But I’ll put aside most of it for future use, do a little charity and take myself on a trip.

So, at the risk of breaking thousands of hearts out there: do you have a boyfriend?
Fortunately, yes.

We’re not sure fortunately is the word, but we’ll let it go for now. How will you fend of all new admirers now that you’re a celebrity?
I don’t see no new admirers?! And I’m a celebrity?! Haha! I guess I’ll just send the boyfriend. He’s probably good at it.

While he’s fending off the hoards of fans, what are your plans for the future?
I’m actually working on a business venture in the line of weddings and major events. Watch happy couples get married and hopefully marry myself off in time to come.

OK, let’s see how good you are at couples advice: Give us men some tips on how to treat our women well.
Just be honest and not contradict yourself. If your words mean nothing, don’t say it.

Honesty aside, how about some advice on how to perform better in the bedroom?
Hmmm. Kudos to foreplay and remember, whatever that goes on in that head of yours should have your woman in it. Just don’t be a sleazebag.

What do you look for in a man?
Honesty, sense of humor, and he has to be someone who can (or at least try to) understand me. I’m a complex person.

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