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Eliza Doolittle — Rollerblades Girl

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Eliza Doolittle
"“It’d be quite a funny scenario if you didn't like someone, they were really annoying, but you had a good time under the sheets together.""
Full name: Eliza Sophie Caird
DOB: April 15, 1988
Place of birth: Westminster, London, UK
Occupation: Singer-songwriter and model

Eliza Doolittle facts

  • The stage name Eliza Doolittle was Eliza’s nickname when she was a kid.

  • Her mum was the UK's entrant in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, and came tenth. She says she entered to restore some pride after no home nation qualified for that year's World Cup.

  • Having grown up in North London, Eliza's a big Arsenal fan.

  • She recently posed in the semi-nud for a sexy photoshoot with Appletiser. Tasty!

Why we love Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle was never not going to be in showbiz. When you look at her parents – a dad who writes and directs plays, musicals and operas; and a mum who’s a professional actress and singer – you can see that she basically had no choice in the matter. Even her grandmother runs her own theatre school. Plus, Eliza’s got eight other siblings to stand out from. No pressure, then.

Eliza released her debut album in 2010, it went platinum and spawned three hit singles, so hats off to that. Before long, she was signed up by good-lookin’-lady agency Select Models – they’re the bunch who found Sienna Miller, so they most definitely know what they’re doing.

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