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Elizabeth Banks — Soaring interest rates

Elizabeth Banks
"We do young people a disservice by not being open about sex."
Full name: Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell
DOB: February 10, 1974
Place of birth: Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #83 | 2010 #39 | 2009 #86

Elizabeth Banks facts

  • Elizabeth converted to Judaism when she married her Jewish husband back in 2003.

  • She’s been in 13 episodes of Scrubs and provided voices in two episodes of American Dad!.

  • She lists Fantasy Football as one of her favourite hobbys. OK it'll be NFL, but the intent is there...

  • She once took a trapeze course with a friend. Seriously.

Why we love Elizabeth Banks

With The 40-Year-Old Virgin; W; Zack And Miri Make A Porno and Role Models on her CV, we knew we’d like this American actress. And given that we're fairly simple, it was a safe bet that we'd fancy her to. But only after discovering her frankness did we actually fall in love with Elizabeth Banks. “We do young people a disservice by not being open about sex,” smiles the fast-rising actress. “After all, it’s a natural, physical thing.”

You might have noticed Elizabeth Banks earlier as she popped up in Shaft and Catch Me If You Can among others. More recently Elizabeth Banks has was seen gracing our screens as Avery Jessup in 30 Rock, the love interest for Jack Donaghy.

But as with all talented, funny and attractive actresses with great connections, Hollywood reached out a bony claw and snatched her away from primetime telly with a selection of exciting big screen roles. There’s Man on a Ledge which is about a man on a ledge, who’s threatening to jump…BUTMAY BE THEREISSOMETHINGELSEGOINGON? Elizabeth Banks also has Welcome to People which is the directorial debut form super scree- writer Alex Kurtzman. She’s also got The Hunger Games, something called Movie 43 which appears to be some kind of A-List version of The Fast Show, and also Frank or Francis in which she’ll star alongside actual Nicholas Cage. Elizabeth will also be in big budget post-apocalyptic violent fest The Hunger Games. Citing!

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