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Emilia Clarke — Fantasy Figure

Emilia Clarke
"“My rule is to never look at anything on the internet.”"
Full name: Emilia Clarke
DOB: May, 1987
Place of birth: London, UK
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #33

Emilia Clarke facts

  • Emilia Clarke is an English actress who's best known for her role as tricky-to-spell Daenerys in A Game of Thrones.

  • Her first TV role was in not-great-in-fact-a-bit-shit BBC medical soap Doctors.

  • Her dad's a theatrical lighting-engineer; she got into acting after seeing Show Boat, a musical he worked on when she was a kid.

Why we love Emilia Clarke

Forsooth, make fast our defences, and so forth, for Emilia Clarke strides forth into the fray. Emilia's famous primarily for being in HBO's massive olde-worlde fantasy sex-and-murder-a-thon Game of Thrones, which she plays Daenerys Targaryen (who was originally supposed to be played by Tazmin Merchant, of Pride and Prejudice and The Tudors fame).

What's the deal with Daenerys? Well, she was supposed to be played by Tazmin Merchant (of Pride and Prejudice and The Tudors fame), but as Merchant pulled out of the pilot for “undisclosed reasons” (which makes it sound much more exciting that it would have done if she'd said why), Emilia Clarke took over the role. From what we can tell, Daenerys is one of the last of a clan of nobby types who used to be in charge of everything but have since been removed from power, so she's fleeing and trying to get back in charge at the same time. She’s also got three dragons, the only ones left in the land, which she sort of gave birth to and then named after her two brothers and husband, all of whom were murdered. In the case of her husband, it was by her hand, so it’s fair to say she has issues.

As anyone who watches the show will attest, Daenerys’ story is pretty complicated, but here’s a quick summation to get you interested: she’s a pouty bad-ass who owns three dragons and looks pretty amazing stepping in and out of gigantic baths (which she seems to do quite a lot).

Back in the real world, Clarke has been romantically linked to Seth ‘Family Guy’ MacFarlane. What could the multi-millionaire one-man-comedy-empire possibly offer that we couldn’t, eh? Bah.

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