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Emma Miller — Smoking hot model

Emma Miller
"I like the finer things in life, including men."
Full name: Emma Miller
Age: 21
Place of birth: England, UK
Occupation: Model

Emma Miller facts

  • Emma is studying history at a leading London university. Her favourite period is medieval because "it’s like fairytales and story time."

  • Loves extreme sports and once ran off the side of a cliff in San Diego.

  • She’s a stickler for ambition and can’t stand lazy guys.

  • She never goes out without killer heels on.

Why we love Emma Miller

The lovely English Rose that is Emma Miller is not a suffragette, but an absolute fox. Recently papped gadding about with Leo DiCaprio, it’s fair to say that the man has fantastic taste. She’s managing to fit all this gadding in whilst studying for a history degree… naturally. Making serious tracks as a model, expect to see her popping up in all sorts of places in the near future.

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