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Eva Green — La Bond girl

Eva Green
"I love English, it’s so musical. Not like that French quack, quack, quack from the front of your mouth, you know?"
Full name: Eva Gaelle Green
DOB: July 5, 1980
Place of birth: Paris, France
Occupation: Actress, Model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2008 #72 | 2007 #36

Eva Green facts

  • The best Bond girl ever, opposite Daniel Craig in the dark, slick Casino Royale.

  • Born across the Channel, but now lives in London’s trendy Primrose Hill, where she says she smokes and doesn’t exercise.

  • She calls Griffin her husband. Fear not though, Griffin is her dog. It's not weird, she just lives alone.

  • Featured in ad campaigns for Armani, Christian Dior and… Heineken.

Why we love Eva Green

Pleasantly un-bimbo – she’s a natural blonde but prefers the brunette look – French-born Eva is kind of like your weird hot cousin who comes over to visit on holidays. She went to an English-speaking school in Paris, and today’s there’s barely even a Gallic twinge to her accent, just a smouldering sensuality that makes us feel all weird like we’re going down a death-slide, but forever.

Her first break came in arty, clothes-optional flick The Dreamers in 2003, but it was opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale that she became a superstar and was (erroneously) named fourth best Bond girl ever in Entertainment Weekly. That’s like TV choice, but for people who work in films.

You might also have seen her in Kingdom Of Heaven, which was terrible at first. But then we watched the director’s cut and it all made sense. You also might have seen Eva Green in kids’ adventure The Golden Compass a film based on a series of children’s books in which actual God dies at the end. Heavy. Her 2009 film Cracks, however, sounds far better, because she plays a swimming teacher who seduces a student.

Most recently she’s been digging out the mascara for Dark Shadows which see’s regular collaborators, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton team up for…A dark gothic vision involving a vampire. Way to push yourselves creatively there lads…

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