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Eva Longoria — Horny housewife

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Eva Longoria
"The best sex I have ever had was with my vibrator."
Full name: Eva Jacqueline Longoria
DOB: March 15th, 1975
Place of birth: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #76 | 2010 #95 | 2009 #41 | 2008 #14 | 2007 #3 | 2006 #20 | 2005 #11 | 2004 #88

Eva Longoria facts

  • The Desperate Housewives actress has spoken candidly about her affection for vibrators. And don’t you forget it.

  • Longoria has had husband Tony Parker’s initials tattooed on/around her naughty bits. Probably regrets that now...

  • She writes smut. Sort of. Longoria is penning an erotic novel, which may or may not be published one day.

  • She is related to cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Nah, us neither.

Why we love Eva Longoria

The Golden Globe-nominated actress is best known for playing gardener-shagging Gabrielle Solis, a Latina who lives offer her looks, in Desperate Housewives.

Admit it – seeing her seduce boy gardener Jesse Metcalf kind of made you want to go pruner shopping and put an ad in the newsagents. Unfortunately for the rest of us she’s distinctly more faithful in real life, getting married to NBA star Tony Parker in 2007. Sadly for her, the same could not be said of Parker, and Longoria filed for divorce in November 2010 after learning of his affairs.

Still, on the plus side she’ll be indulging in more suburban sexuality as she’s signed up for another three years on Wisteria Lane.

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