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Evan Rachel Wood
"I won't just take my clothes off for anybody. It has to be the right circumstances."
Full name: Evan Rachel Wood
DOB: September 7, 1987
Place of birth: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Occupation: Actress

Evan Rachel Wood facts

  • Evan hates her middle name, but used it in her stage name so that directors wouldn't confuse her gender.

  • She is a mix of French and German descent, and has modelled for Gucci.

  • She says that her hero is U2 frontman Bono.

  • She has a black belt in taekwondo, so don't mess with her.

Why we love Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is one of those people who seem like they have been acting since the day they were born. For Evan though, that’s pretty much how it was. She was only a few months old when she appeared in an adaptation of A Christmas Carol (not the one featuring the Muppets), because her dad was the Executive Director of a local theatre company. She then continued appearing in the show as she grew up, before finally hitting the television screens seven years later. She hasn’t left them since.

She was just 15 when she appeared in what is regarded as her breakthrough film - Thirteen - playing a young teenager who seems to go off the rails amid a life of sex, drugs and crime. Good start. Since then she’s gone on to put in loads of critically acclaimed performances. More recently you may have seen her in The Wrestler or in a recurring role as Sophie in True Blood.

Evan is the girl in the video to Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, and was dating her co-star from the video back in 2006. But then she followed in Dita Von Teese’s footsteps and started an on-off relationship with Marilyn Manson, even being engaged to him at one point in 2010. We have no idea how he does it either. It’s got to be the money, seeing as her appearance in his video for “Heart Shaped Glasses” made her the highest paid actress in music video history. Yeah, it must be.

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