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Evonne Baath — Stockholm syndrome

Evonne Baath
"I am quite lazy. I even hate walking."
Full name: Evonne Baath
Place of birth: Singapore
Featured in: FHM Singapore

Evonne Baath facts

  • Evonne left her home in Singapore at 16, and went to Stockholm, Sweden.

  • By the time she’s 50, she hopes to have seen all of the seven wonders of the world.

  • Thailand is her favourite holiday destination.

Why we love Evonne Baath


Did you get your parent’s blessing when you moved to Stockholm? Or did you run away?
I was about 15 going on 16, so there wasn’t much convincing involved. Haha! They wanted me out of the house as soon as possible! Nah, I’m just kidding. It was always part of my plan to move there and study, because I wanted to be independent. But really, I wanted to see what it was like to live without parents and rules!

How difficult was it to be away from your family at such a tender age?
I had my stepbrother and stepsister (in Sweden), which was great. Before I moved away, I thought it was going to be all fun and games — but after not getting to see your family and friends for the first few weeks, it really hit me that being away from home isn’t that much fun at all. That’s why I always cherish my holidays when I come back home.

In storybooks, stepparents are often portrayed as someone who’s mean and evil. How true is that for your case?
Well, that’s why they’re called storybooks! I’ve always regarded my step-dad as my real dad. He’s great and has always been there for me. So he’s definitely not mean or evil in my storybook!

You’ve now moved on and are studying in Oxford, England. Surely that must have been an easier transition.
Not really, I still miss my family and local food! I go to Chinatown in London once a month to meet up with a good old friend from Singapore - to enjoy the closest thing to a char kuay teow and teh tarik!

And it helps that you’re living with your boyfriend in Oxford...
Definitely! It really helps to have someone around that knows what home is like and appreciates Singapore as much as I do. Plus he knows how to put a smile on my face when I really start to miss home.

Tell us more about that lucky chap.
Haha, I would say that I’m lucky to have him by my side because he’s a real sweetheart. He’s definitely a ladies’ man and the bonus is that he’s a real hottie, too! But seriously, the best thing is that he’s always there for me!

“You don’t look Chinese.” Do you get that a lot from people?
Yeah, I always have to tell people I’m Chinese and they always say, “No way. You’re Thai or Malay or Filipino.” Then I end up showing them my identity card and they’re like, “Oh... okay”. Haha.

Before you hung out at international schools, you used to study at Raffles Girls School. How different were the two educational systems?
Oh, it’s a whole different league! I mean it was tough in Raffles... I remember having this really strict Chinese tuition teacher who came over a few times a week and every time I made a mistake, she would smack her ruler real hard on the table to scare me. It sure worked!

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