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Felicity Jones — Yummy Brummie

Felicity Jones
"“I’d love to play a... I was just thinking I’d like to play a snake. But no, not a snake. I’d like to play a superhero.”"
Full name: Felicity Rose Hadley Jones
DOB: October 17, 1983
Place of birth: Bournville, Birmingham, UK
Occupation: Actress

Felicity Jones facts

  • Felicity’s first role was in kids’ TV show The Worst Witch; she played mean-bastard bully Ethel.

  • In order to prepare for a role as a Catholic, she stayed with a deeply religious family for two weeks, and attended Mass.

  • Following in the footsteps of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Felicity was named as the face of Burberry in 2011.

Why we love Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones used played a bitchy witch – a bwitch, if you will – on kids’ TV show The Worst Witch. As Ethel Harrow, she played foil to bumbling but lovable protagonist Mildred Hubble. Ethel was basically the equivalent of that blonde kid from Harry Potter, the sneery one with the squinty eyes. Since then, Felicity’s toured the world’s stages, been in dozens of films (including Ricky Gervais' Cemetary Junction), repeatedly popped up on shows such as Doctor Who, and was apparently on Radio 4's The Archers for an entire decade, playing Emma Grundy. Whoever the bejesus she is/was. All that’s incredibly impressive, but Felicity is really taking things up a notch – several notches, in fact, each of them as large as an articulated lorry – with her role in the sequel to the mega-hit The Amazing Spider-Man. And just think – you were obsessed with her back before she was massive! You’re so ahead of the curve, dude.

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