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Florence Brudenell-Bruce — Blue-Blooded Beauty

Florence Brudenell-Bruce
""I have a good eye.""
Full name:Florence Anne Marie Brudenell-Bruce
DOB: November 21, 1985
Place of birth: Fulham, London
Occupation: Socialite and model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #57

Florence Brudenell-Bruce facts

  • Florence is related to the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, the big cheese who led the famous Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War.

  • She’s been romantically linked to Prince Harry.

  • Her nickname is "Flee." Not "Brucey," sadly.

Why we love Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Florence Brudenell-Bruce is one of those high-class, high-gloss ladies who’s managed to defy her strictly limited gene-pool to become the lithe, beautiful creature she is today. She first came to the public’s attention when she briefly dated everyone’s favourite royal tearaway, Harry Windsor.

However, don’t think of her as one of those aristocratic layabouts who rely on Daddy’s money to pay their tiny dog’s champagne bills – Brudenell-Bruce works for a living, as one of the most in-demand lingerie models in the country, with credits for Liz Hurley’s swimsuit range, John Lewis, and Knickerbox.

That was also her dancing around in her knickers in the video for Ironik’s Tiny Dancer. It’s possible you’ve erased that video from your memory, on account of the song it accompanies being so very terrible, but if you’d care to revisit it on YouTube, you can always hit ‘mute’ to save yourself from revisiting that particular traumatic event from your past.

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