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Francoise Boufhal — Heavy hitter

Francoise Boufhal
"I'm into boxing... it strengthens my core... which helps ease a lot of pain off my back."
Full name: Françoise Boufhal
DOB: December 18, 1988
Place of birth: Hexham, Northumberland, England
Occupation: Model, Presenter

Francoise Boufhal facts

  • Francoise was told she was 'too sexy' during numerous failed Byker Grove auditions.

  • She has a back-breaking 28H natural chest size.

  • She has appeared as an interviewer on MTV and for the London Motor Museum.

  • She says her life motto is 'Shy bairns get nowt'. Profound.

Why we love Francoise Boufhal

Francoise Boufhal grew up in Newcastle and attended drama school from a young age with her first role as Ellie Baines in Byker Grove. Remember that? Of course you do. How couldn’t you remember shameless, anti-heartthrobs Ant and Dec as PJ and Duncan? Surely you couldn’t forget the Grove’s furious rivalry with the Denwell Burners? If you did, you’re stupid. Classic TV.

At 5'4 with a 28H chest the lovely Boufhal was rejected by most model agencies because of her 'different' figure. After being signed up in London she has been in FHM, Zoo, The Star, Nuts and Maxim. She got offered a shoot in the Italian Playboy but refuses to go topless... bummer. No boobs for us. But wait, it’s not all doom and gloom. In the summer of 2010 sexy Boufhal appeared in Playboy USA, despite still not going topless the gorgeous Geordie looks fab as she bounds around soaking wet in a bikini manning a very happy garden hose - pathetic fallacy at its sexiest. The classy model has also gradually established herself as a recurring favourite in the eye of a number of national newspapers with the Daily Star recently claiming she is set to follow in the footsteps of Kelly Brook and Lucy Pinder.

Boufhal was signed by Rio Ferdinand for his channel as a presenter and has interviewed the likes of Danny Dyer, Ashley Cole and Alan Carr. Lucky buggers. Her relationship status is unknown to us but either way there is no point even considering it. Francoise Boufhal is too good, way too good.

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