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Frankie Sandford — Human Saturday

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Frankie Sandford
""Don't call me a WAG!""
Full name: Francesca Sandford
DOB: January 14, 1989
Place of birth: Upminster, London
Occupation: Singer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #37 | 2012 #18 | 2011 #22 | 2010 #4 | 2009 #17

Frankie Sandford facts

  • Frankie is one-fifth – or two-tenths – of The Saturdays.

  • Formerly a member of the ever-so-slightly-wrong S-Club Juniors.

  • She briefly worked ‘Saturdays’ (do you see? Do you seeeee?!) in House Of Fraser.

Why we love Frankie Sandford

When her first group S-Club Juniors (later known as, er, S-Club 8) imploded in 2005, Frankie picked herself up, brushed herself off and continued her determined march towards pop stardom by signing a solo deal. Then her solo career went wonky, at which point a lesser lady might’ve been tempted to throw in the towel and get a job as a recruitment officer or something like that. Or sales, maybe? You can make a lot of money in sales, if you’re prepared to put the time in. Or maybe go back to college?

Anyway: Frankie once again laughed in face of disaster, and hooked up with four other singing fitties to form The Saturdays – and this time, finally, the pop planets aligned perfectly and Frankie was granted proper mega-fame and the lasting adoration of several million British gentlemen. Unshakeably determined and sideways-haired beautiful – that’s our Frankie.

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