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Freya Mavor — Skins Scot

Freya Mavor
"Everything's insane at the moment. I'm trying to combine work with doing essays on organ donations."
Full name: Freya Mavor
DOB: 13 August 1993
Place of birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #78

Freya Mavor facts

  • Freya Mavor plays the bitchy Minerva McGuinness in Skins.

  • She shares her name with the Norse Goddess of Love, who rides a chariot pulled by four cats (inefficient!) and wears a beautiful necklace that she got by sleeping with four dwarfs. Classy.

Why we love Freya Mavor

We're not going to pretend we understand Skins. Like Doctor Who, The Sugababes, and Madonna alike it seems to be able to regenerate and return looking almost completely different when parts of it become old or unappealing – we've gone from being partially aware that it was about shagging and drugs and the boy from About A Boy was in it to knowing precisely nothing, and getting all our information from trailers that happen to be on during the commercial breaks before, after, or during The Simpsons.

Freya Mavor is one of the current brood of Skins cast members – she plays feisty, impetuous Minerva “Mini” McGuinness, bitchy queen bee at school and on/off girlfriend to rugby boy Nick – but Freya is apparently much calmer by than her on-screen persona. Although she did skip quite a few days of school to attend the auditions, and eventually beat 8000 other hopeful teenagers to the role.

After being inspired to act by watching The Shining at the age of ten – although, really, wasn't she a bit young to be watching a deranged Jack Nicholson hack his way through a door? - she joined the National Youth Theatre, and hasn't looked back since. She hasn't really had time. We imagine that being part of the confused web of lust that makes up the baseline for a standard Skins plotline is keeping her fairly busy.

Aside from Skins, Freya's only other role to date is “Girl in Queue” in a short film called Disco, which we're sure she was great in. But we're sure to hear more from the Scottish starlet in the near future.

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