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Georgia Salpa — Greece meets Ireland

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Georgia Salpa
"I have fun. I don't take myself too seriously."
Full name: Georgia Salpa
DOB: 14 May 1985
Place of birth: Athens, Greece
Occupation: Model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #10 | 2012 #5

Georgia Salpa facts

  • Georgia is an Irish-Greek model, most famous in the UK for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

  • Before she learned to drive, Georgia took, on average, three taxis a day. Extravagant!

  • She dated lady-chasing gadabout Calum Best for a while, but the pair split in 2011.

Why we love Georgia Salpa

Georgia endured a self-confessed inauspicious start in life. “I was bit of a nerd,” she admits. “I had bad skin, I was always very thin and I had really curly afro hair. Plus, I had to wear glasses and I had a patch over one eye.” Still, like the ugly ducking who blossoms into a sexy swan that enjoys a hugely successful modelling career, Georgia left behind the eye patch and acne and evolved into the sexy swan who enjoys a hugely successful modelling career that you see before today.

Although already well known in her native Ireland thanks to her weekly newspaper column and regular appearances on shows such as The Podge & Rodge Show, Republic of Telly and Celebrity Salon, it took a stint on Celebrity Big Brother to make her a household name in the UK. Salpa’s since moved over here, and Ireland can’t have her back, even if they ask reeeally politely. No sireee.

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